Top 10 Best Jobsite Radios 2020 Reviews

Best Jobsite radios are durable and long-lasting. they are able to stand up to the rigors of the site ensuring a good workday. Ideally, job site radios should be lightweight small making them portable and convenient to use on and off the job site. They should be powered by batteries that are long-lasting offering flexibility on-site. The best Jobsite radios also feature a digital tuner with a bright backlit LCD display offering ease-of-use in any job. This hands-free design provides safety while on the job. Some job site radios come with a full range of woofers and tweeters and amplifiers offering increased sound and long-running time with weather resistant speakers. They also have a clear light for indicating the charging status of the device displayed in a convenient way. Bluetooth enabled pairing with smartphones is a must for versatility.

10. Makita RM02 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Compact Job Site Radio

Makita RM02 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Compact Job Site Radio

This radio has a rich stereo sound from two powerful front-facing speakers and comes with up to 30 hours of continuous use with a 4.0 ah battery. the battery and charger are not included with this device. The radio has 10 preset FM/AM buttons with one of the celery port for mp3 or iPod compatibility and an earphone jack which is ideal for private listening. It is lightweight at 1 pound and Jesus 12 volts or 1.2 Watts.

9. Milwaukee 2792-20 Battery Charger/Radio

Milwaukee 2792-20 Battery Charger/Radio

This radio features a built-in charger. Quickly and conveniently powers of lithium-ion batteries. It has a weather-sealed compartment that offers protection for small belongings and a smart one that can be used to connect to the radio and stream music up to 100feet transmitted over Bluetooth. The radio has premium speakers with a 40 Watt amplifier that offers rich, full sounds and clear audio. It comes with 10 preset stations.

8. Ryobi P746 One+

Ryobi P746 One+

This radio can be powered using an AC power extension cord which is not included or 18-volt lithium-ion a nicad batteries to allow you to listen to your music or News on the go or any way you please. It is compatible with smartphones or MP3 players which can be connected through the auxiliary port or wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. You can also listen to AM or FM radio on the device. The USB port allows you to charge any of your devices like your smartphone or MP3 player using the radio. You can also personalize your listening experience using the built-in audio equalizer by adjusting the bass or treble to suit your preference. You can add extra speakers using the additional auxiliary function that improves sound and performance.



Is a Bluetooth enabled radio that comes with two high-quality speakers with an equalizer feature for high-quality sound? The Bluetooth capability of this radio allows you to stream music or access Internet radio or like your library from any smart device making for personalized listening. The radio comes with 12 AM/FM/AUX presets that allow you to save and select your favorite stations. The AUX mode plays MP3 data from any media device. This radio is lightweight at 3.25 pounds and portable allowing it to be used anywhere. It is designed to be durable and withstand any Jobsite elements. The radio uses 20 volt Max lithium-ion batteries and comes with an alternate power source with an AC adapter.

6. Sangean LB-100 Ultra Rugged Compact AM/FM Radio

Sangean LB-100 Ultra Rugged Compact AM/FM Radio

A rugged industrial-grade Digital radio this device comes synthesized with AM FM radio and 10 memory presets or your favorite radio stations, 5 AM. and 5 FM. The radio is dynamically loud with clear speakers that allow it to be audible over a distance. It is rain resistant and comes with dust and shock resistance as well as rubber shock blocks to absorb any impact if it falls. The radio is designed with a compact roll cage that offers protection against impact while maintaining the portability and durability of the body. It comes with rugged rotary tuning and volume controls in the case of a durable ABS plastic body. The radio operates with a 9-foot attached AC power cord or C batteries which are not included.

5. Milwaukee 2890-20

Milwaukee 2890-20

This radio comes with a special onboard compartment that allows you to store your phone and any smart devices to keep them safe. it also allows you to charge your smart devices using the 2.1 a USB charging port. The radio has shock-absorbing and caps which allow it to last longer and increase its durability in cases of impact and whether any changes. It has a digital AM FM tuner that can store up to 10 of your favorite radio stations. This radio works with M18 18-volt lithium-ion Milwaukee batteries.

4. DEWALT Tough System Radio and Battery Charger

DEWALT Tough System Radio and Battery Charger

This radio can be connected to and paired with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone or MP3 player over a range of up to a hundred feet. It offers premium sound with full range tweeters, one subwoofer, one assisted bass resonator for clear, rich sound. It is rated for water and dust resistance increasing its durability and it can run on 12 volt Max or 12 volt Max DeWalt lithium-ion power batteries or can be plugged into a wall outlet. The radio is lightweight, allowing it to be used anywhere while on the job.

3. Bosch Bluetooth Power Box

Bosch Bluetooth Power Box

This radio has Bluetooth capability allowed to connect and Carol with your smart devices and stream internet radio or stored music with a range of up to 150 ft. It comes fully equipped with 4-way speakers and a subwoofer that allows it to project sound over 360 degrees in all directions. It comes with separate controls for bass and treble and equalizer customization. The USB charging port of 5 volts allows it to charge Apple or any other smartphones or devices when the power box is powered by a hundred and 120 volt AC outlet.

2. DEWALT DCR010 20V Max Bluetooth Jobsite

DEWALT DCR010 20V Max Bluetooth Jobsite

This radio comes with dual speakers that offer rich stereo sound and Bluetooth connectivity that supports a range of 100 feet. The device weighs 3 lb and has a convenient carry handle with a phone holder. It has play, pause, skip track and control volume options from the speaker. The battery and charger for this device are sold separately

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

DEWALT 20V MAX Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

This radio is designed to be powered by 20 volts or 60 volts flex volt DeWalt batteries. It can be plugged into an AC outlet using a power cord. The batteries are charged when the radio is plugged into an AC power outlet, allowing it to be used longer. The radio comes with up to 200 C’s of Bluetooth connectivity and pairs up with any smart devices. It has two additional AC power outlets, 2.1 amp USB charging ports to allow you to charge any of your smart devices. Batteries are not included.

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