Top 8 Dash Cams With Night Vision 2020 Reviews

It is already a well-established fact that a dashcam is an essential safety accessory for your automobiles. It allows you to capture all the moments and unexpected incidents we may face while driving. However, despite 1080p HD or 4K during the day time, most dash cams struggle in low light conditions or at night. Hence, a dashcam with night vision is a good upgrade for your safety, security, and convenience. We are going to explore the top 8 best dash cams with night vision on the market. You may also want to look at the differences between the best dual dash cam with night vision or dashcam with night vision and parking mode.

Buying Guides Of Dash Cams With Night Vision

The dilemma that most of us are facing is which dash cam is right for us. To help you with this, we have looked, compared, and examined the available dash cams on the market for the best of the best in terms of quality. First, let’s look at the factors you need to consider when you are buying a dashcam with night vision for your vehicle of choice.

Infrared Lights: This is ultimately the reason why you’re looking to buy a dashcam with night vision in the first place. Infrared lights or IR LED lights work great when it comes to recording videos in complete darkness. Most low-light dash cams or night vision dashcams use this infrared light to achieve its ‘night-vision’ capability. Make sure that the dash cam you are buying comes with these features. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money.

Memory and Camera: After making sure that it comes with IR LED lights, check the memory capacity and the quality of the camera itself. Most dash cams will either come with a built-in memory card or expandable memory slot for you to swap out different micro SD cards any time you like. The larger the memories, the more footage it can record. The quality of your camera is also important, especially the lens and sensor. High image quality with a wide-angle lens, HDR sensors, and more megapixels on the sensor is what you need to look out for. It’s good to record in the dark, but it’s even better if it can record longer and clearer footage.

Placement and Installation: Lastly, consider where you want to place it as well as the mounting mechanism. You can either attach it to the rearview mirror or place it outside near the bumper or the license plate. Those are the common placements, depending on the camera quality and area you want to record. Consider the environment and security reasons before deciding which to buy. Other factors such as Wi-Fi connectivity, front and rear, the dash cam with night vision voice control, and such are also good to consider.

8. TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam with IR Night Vision

TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam with IR Night Vision

This eighth spot is the TOGUARD dual dash cam with IR night vision. This is a dual-lens dashcam with a 1.5” LCD and a 6-glass HD dual-lens that can record both the inside and outside simultaneously. The interior-facing camera comes with 4 IR LED lights that can handle low light conditions for flawless footage even when at night. The HDR technology at the front camera also offers great exposure and dynamic range. It comes in a compact design with a wide-angle lens for you to capture the whole road in front of you. Loop recording and G-sensor! The camera will automatically turn on and start recording when it detects external force.


  • Parking monitor with wide-angle lens and loop recording
  • FHD 1080P dual lens
  • Excellent day/night vision

7. 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro

70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro

Next on, we have the smart dash cam pro by the brand 70mai. It comes equipped with an LCD wide dynamic range screen that can feature a super high resolution of 1080P. It also comes with the Sony IMX307 image sensor that can provide outstanding picture quality and with a 130-degree FOV. You can set it on Parking Mode for a 24-hour parking surveillance protection. It also features a G-sensor with an emergency accident lock that can automatically save footages in emergency events. A Loop recording is possible. Thus, you just need to install it and forget it. It can support any class 10 micro SD memory cards up to 64GB. You can also connect it to your phone for easy access.


  • Loop recording and parking mode available
  • Compatible with mobile phone
  • High-resolution with wide FOV

6. Campark UHD 2160P Dashboard Camera

Campark UHD 2160P Dashboard Camera

The sixth best product is the Campark UHD 2160P dashboard camera. This Dash Cam is sure to deliver clearer images and videos with a high resolution of 2160P. It also features a built-in Wi-Fi function that allows you to view and manage your recordings easily. The GPS module makes it possible for the cam to capture real-time location and speed. It has a super night vision with a 170-degree wide-angle that can capture more even in low light environments. Like the previous products, it features a G-sensor and loop recording option. There is an auto-recording and parking monitor feature where you can just leave it to record automatically every time there is a collision.


  • Auto-recording and parking monitor options
  • G-sensor and loop recording features
  • Ultra HD quality recording with super night vision

5. Rove R2-4K Dash Cam

Rove R2-4K Dash Cam

There is the Rove R2-4K dashcam. This dash camera can record videos of up to 2160P in quality with a Revolutionary Super Night Vision technology. It will record clear footage and images even in lowlight conditions. It features a built-in GPS and a Wi-Fi function where you can access your recordings on your mobile easily. Wide-angle, motion detection, parking mode, G-sensor, loop recording, emergency video lock, and such! All possible. This is the ultimate dashcam for you!


  • 30 days full-refund
  • State of the art technology
  • High-quality resolution and low light mode

4. GSSUSA Dual Dash Cam

GSSUSA Dual Dash Cam

 This is a great camera for those who are looking for something of great quality at a lower price. It comes with a 2.7” LCD screen with a 6-glass HD dual-lens that can record simultaneously with great quality. It has 4 IR sensors that can record clear videos even in the dark. Just like any other expensive cameras, it features an advanced parking mode, loop recording, and G-sensor that can support up to almost 24-hour long! You can save and access your footage easily when accidents happen.


  • HD 1080P dual lens
  • Advanced features
  • Convenient and reliable

3. AUKEY Dual Dash Cam

AUKEY Dual Dash Cam

This product features a complete front and rear camera system that can capture a super-sharp 1080P video even in the nighttime. The Sony Exmor Sensors also come with a wide-angle lens that can cover more peripheral action in front, behind, and even the sides. You won’t have to worry about leaving your car unsupervised. It has an emergency recording and loop recording feature as well as an antenna for better tracking and protection. It is powered by a dual-port USV car charger and an internal supercapacitor. It also includes a bundle of accessories.


  • A bundle of accessories
  • Emergency and loop recording
  • High-quality recording with a full six-lane view

2. VAVA Dual 1920x1080P FHD Front and Rear dash camera

VAVA Dual 1920x1080P FHD Front and Rear dash camera

This VAVA FHD front and rear dash camera are at the second-best spot, and for good reasons! This 1080P dual dash cam can record crystal clear footage both the front and back. It features Sony Night Vision that is superior and can record clear and visible video both in the daytime and nighttime. You can connect it to any mobile phone and the built-in Wi-Fi option where you can save and access your footage and share them anytime. The dashcam also comes with a 24-hour parking monitor, a built-in G-sensor, loop recording, and micro SD card slots. All in a compact design that is super easy to install!


  • Compact design and super easy
  • Advanced features and technology
  • Superior quality recordings in all light conditions

1. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080P Dash Cam

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080P Dash Cam

This is the best 2-way dashcam with the high-quality Sony Exmore sensor for both the inside and outside of the car. The infrared night vision is available in both cameras, and they can handle low light conditions flawlessly. There are also the options of a 24-hour parking mode, Auto LCD ON/OFF, loop recording, G-sensor auto-detection, and such! You can rely on this dash cam to watch over your vehicles with ease.


  • 18-month warranty
  • All the necessary features
  • Great quality both infrared and normal modes
  • Versatile and reliable


What our article hopes to achieve is to ensure that the decision you make about buying the best dash cam with night vision is well-informed. The eight products mentioned on our list are all of great quality and benefits. Make sure to read everything especially the buying guide carefully first. Happy Shopping!

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