Top 10 Nitrogen Regulators 2020 Reviews

A Nitrogen regulator is designed to assist with purging and testing of air conditioning, refrigeration systems, and HVAC units with ease. An ideal nitrogen regulator works to reduce highly pressurized gas or liquid from the unit’s tank and processes it into a usable form. It also enables the control of the flow of liquid from the pressurized tank allowing it to be carefully monitored so that it is not released at once as a result of the high pressure. It is important that the system have gauges that are easy to read, have solid and reliable connections, be durable and strong, have a versatile interface and be suitable for all your testing needs.

10. MANATEE Nitrogen Gas Regulator

MANATEE Nitrogen Gas Regulator

This regulator works to ensure the proper flow of up to 3000 PSI pressure with easy to read with the gauges that are protected with rubber bumpers. The large knob handle offers easy adjustment and ensures a smooth and accurate pressure delivery that can be easily adjusted and customized to deliver the right amount of pressure every time.


  • This unit is made of highly durable brass and can be counted on to work effectively and efficiently at all times.
  • The CGA-580 inlet connection with 1/4 inch male flare outlet connection is designed for hospitality and AC installation.

9. SUA – Nitrogen Gas Regulator

SUA - Nitrogen Gas Regulator

This regulator comes with two options, the regulator and horse or the regulator only. It has a 1/4 inch male flare outlet connection that fits HVAC charging hoses that allow it to be used for purging and pressure testing. It is constructed using solid brass for longevity and offers full size 2 in easy to read gauges that come with rubber protectors. It has a delivery pressure range of 20 to 600 PSI, with a maximum inlet pressure of 3000 psi. It can be used for inert gases like nitrogen or argon or helium.


  • The HVAC purging and pressurization system come complete with leakage and monetization tests.
  • It comes with a CGA-580 shock absorber charge and an inlet connector length that fits all nitrogen, argon, helium and inert gas tanks.

8. Taprite Dual Gauge Nitrogen Gas Regulator

Taprite Dual Gauge Nitrogen Gas Regulator

Best versatile regulator can be used on any high pressure tank with a CGA The Double G’s Regulators on volume of nitrogen in the cylinder. It has a duckbill check valve which prevents the back flow of liquid into the regulator.


  • This regulator comes with a 1P1P, CGA580 Inlet, 5/16 inch Barb Shutoff with Duckbill check and 60lb to 3000lb gauges.

7. KEGCO HL-62N Nitrogen Gas Regulator

KEGCO HL-62N Nitrogen Gas Regulator

This durable commercial-grade draft beer regulator features a multi-stage body that gives precise control and allows for small adjustments to the app with pressure. It is designed with two stages of pressure release. The first stage is designed to reduce upward pressure from the tank and the second stage chooses the pressure for a precise amount for the Keg. The pressure releases allow this regulator to be optimized ball bearing operational ranges with the larger adjustment knob requiring less than 360 degrees of rotation for precise output.


  • This improves the pressure adjustment efforts even at freezing temperatures and reduces the stress on the gauges.
  • It comes with a shut-off valve that makes it easy to shut off pressure instantly and the check valve that prevents backflow.

6. Turbo Torch 0386-0849 NFM-TT Nitrogen Flow Meter

Turbo Torch 0386-0849 NFM-TT Nitrogen Flow Meter

This regulator is designed to provide position control of nitrogen gas purging applications. It can be used with any nitrogen purging regulator that is equipped with a 7/16inch to 20 male flare.
It can also control the flow of nitrogen gas through the copper tubing wall brazing.


  • It comes with an over pressure safety relief valve making it an excellent accessory to the turbo torch nitrogen Purge Kit and nitrogen purge regulator.
  • Can be installed using gas welding.

5. ZISS CO2 Argon Regulator

ZISS CO2 Argon Regulator

The Argon/CO2 regulator for welding is an ideal choice in applications that need to reduce and control pressure levels. Argon flow meter pressure gauge that allows viewing the level of gas left in the tank. It covers a range of 0 to 4000 Psi. The CGA580 inlet connection it’s suitable for any standard argon oxygen or nitrogen tanks and can connect using a welding hose with a female 5/8 UNF 18RH fitting.


  • The 10ft ZISS hose includes a quick connect fitting to enable safe welding from a distance.
  • This regulator is ideal for welding, cutting, chemical and electronic industries.

4.​ Taprite T742HP Primary Double Gauge CO2 Regulator

The regulator has a low-pressure gauge at the top that indicates that I would pressure The Keg. But no pressure regulator also allows for an adjustment of pressure from 1 to 50 psi with a maximum downstream delivery pressure that will not exceed 50 psi.​ The high-pressure gauge which is the side gauge indicates the level of CO2 tank pressure within the tank.


  • The regulator comes with a duckbill check valve that helps prevent product backup.
  • I have internal relief valves that open whenever the delivery pressure exceeds the set pressure by 15 psi, this feature helps one that the seat may be damaged or should be replaced.
  • The hose barb is designed with a 5/16 inch pressure tubing and is tested to assure in-field reliability.

3. Uniweld RHP400 Nitrogen Gas Regulator

Uniweld RHP400 Nitrogen Gas Regulator

This regulator is designed with a delivery pressure of 0 to 400 PSI. It comes with a CGA 580 Inlet connection with a 1/4 inch male outlet connection. It has two gauges with protective rubber gauge boots that are easy to read. The durable brass piston on the diaphragm is designed with a self reseating relief valve that is not designed to protect from downstream effects.


  • The large breasts each handle with stainless steel pressure adjusting screw on regulator bushing prevents galling.
  • This regulator can be used with a CO2 F36 adaptor, that has a CO2 cylinder to a CGA580 nitrogen which is purchased separately.

2. SPARC Nitrogen Gas Regulator

SPARC Nitrogen Gas Regulator

This regulator comes with a ¼ inch SAE male flare outlet connection with 7/16-20 threads. It is designed with solid brass and for size 2 in gauges with rubber protectors. It has a delivery pressure of 0 to 600 PSI and is compatible for use with inert gases such as Nitrogen, Argon, and Helium.


  • This regulator is ideal for HVAC purging, monetization, pressure and leak testing.
  • The CGA-580 inlet connector fits Nitrogen, Argon, Helium and Inert Gas Tanks.

1. BETOOLL Nitrogen Gas Regulator

BETOOLL Nitrogen Gas Regulator

The regulator comes with a CGA 580 Inlet connection, with a ¼ inch male flare outlet connection. It has 2 in cages that are easy to read with protective rubber gauge boots. The nitrogen regulator delivers pressure between 0 to 4000 PSI.


  • The durability of brass piston design diaphragm comes with a self reseating relief valve which is not designed to protect downstream systems.
  • The large brass tee handle comes with a stainless steel pressure adjusting screw and regulator bushing to prevent galling.

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