Top 8 Scooters For Teenagers 2020 Reviews

Whether you are trying to scooter around a public park or around your neighborhood, riding on a scooter can be quite an exciting experience. On a sunny weekend day, wearing your best clothes with your headphones on, you can just grab your scooter and glide around the area with so much fun alone or with your friends. But you may wonder what makes the right scooter for you, yourself, or wrap as a gift for your teenage child. That’s why we are here to give you some advice on how to choose the best scooter, suitable and convenient to perform on the road while also recommend you our specially picked of 8 best scooter models to choose from.

Buying Guides Of Scooters For Teenager

Convenience: if you are looking to enjoying your weekend off by riding a scooter at the park, one thing you may need to consider is how convenient it is for you to just carry the scooter around to your car, or on a roadblock. You do not want to get tired just by having to haul the scooter back at all. That is why we suggest you choose one scooter that is suitable for weight and foldable so that carrying it is no problem for you.

The smoothness of wheels: imagine riding on a not-so-smooth road surface, but the wheels and the balance of your scooters are just on the point that a bumpy surface is not a big problem for you to enjoy your day. That is why we highly suggest you try riding on the scooter to test its wheel’s performance and balance on a gravel road before deciding to take one home.

Performance: another key point you need to think of is how smooth and fast of a glide the scooter can deliver in one push. In this particular case, you may need to consider and select from a different range of scooter wheel sizes and the material it is made of. After all, you do not want to keep pushing with no rest.

8. Mongoose Trace Youth/Adult Off-Road Push Scooter

Mongoose Trace Youth/Adult Kick Scooter

The first scooter model that made it today is the Mongoose Trace Youth/Adult kick scooter. This model is an easy folding kick scooter for compact space if you want to bring it in your car on a journey—full coverage Max Grip on the deck and brake for non-slip contact. The design also comes with a sturdy kickstand to park the scooter upright to protect grips and frame from damage or scratch. Moreover, a quick-release adjustable height with three lock-in points is equipped for riders with the height ranging from teenagers to adults. The whole body of the scooter deck and the wide 120mm wheels are made with heavy-duty material and is specially made to support the weight of up to 176lbs.


  • Height adjustable for both teens and adults
  • Kickstand available to park your scooter

7. UHINOOS Adults Kick Scooter 200MM with Kickstand-Big Wheels Kids Scooter

UHINOOS Adults Kick Scooter 200MM with Kickstand-Big Wheels Kids Scooter

There is the UHINOOS Adults kick scooter 200mm. The sleek design of the adult push scooter was equipped with durable steel for the T-bar handlebar as well as the stem and its deck. The rear back wheel is designed to work well with a fender brake for all the riders to feel the effortless and quick stops. The front and rear wheels themselves are made of PP core +PU type, while the size of wheels is the same as 200mm. Our manufacturer firmly believes that big wheels create a sturdy and smooth glide on outdoor riding despite the bumps you might meet. Our UHINOOS is a foldable scooter with, adjustable-height stem, and is super light weighted. The long deck is made of Aluminium, and the size of it is 21.65×4.52inch (550x115mm) and covered with kurtas Pasir to avoid slippery accidents on the wet surface.


  • Durable steel T-bar and stem
  • Big wheels for a stable and smooth glide

6. ENKEEO Kick Scooters with 220 lbs Capacity

ENKEEO Kick Scooters with 220 lbs Capacity

One thing about ENKEEO kick scooters for adults is that it is specifically constructed with durable aluminum alloy that can support up to 220 lbs (100kg), while the rear scooter wheel works well with a brake for riders to feel an effortless and quick stop. Designed with the 200mm extra-large commuter scooters wheels, the wheels are covered with durable PU, to tolerate bumps, and create a stable and smooth glide on the complex road surface. Our number 6 model is a foldable scooter which allows an easy fold and releases if users need to pack it in the car for a trip. The T-bar stem height is adjustable up to 100cm, which is ideal for both kids to adults. The latest design of ENKEEO scooters’ robust deck is dull polished to be anti-slip with colorful pad fabric designed to make your ride livelier!


  • Supports up to 100kg of weight
  • Big wheels to cut-down bumps and provide smooth glides
  • Robust deck to avoid slipping

5. Swagtron Commuter Kick Scooter for Adults, Teens

Swagtron Commuter Kick Scooter for Adults, Teens

Moving on the list today is none other than the Swagtron Commuter kick scooter for adults. Our K8 Titan manufacturer is the official scooter brand of the Chicago Cubs, well known by the pros. This 10lbs-foldable scooter has a super sleek design that makes available the impeccable performance. Our Swagtron is not only designed to look sexy but also a design destined to conquer all the bumpy road surface with its big scooter wheels and heavy-duty supports of up to 220lbs. Our designer provides confidence to their customers with gold-standard support on the Swagtron folding scooters for adults and teens with an industry-leading one-year limited warranty. You’ll have access to our expert team of support specialists in the U. S. available 24/7.


  • Supports up to 220lbs of weight
  • Foldable and light at just 10lbs
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

4. Scooter – Scooter for Teenager – Kick Scooter – Large Wheel Scooter For Adults With Adjustable T-Bar Handlebar

Scooter – Scooter for Teenager – Kick Scooter – 2 Wheel Scooter with Adjustable T-Bar Handlebar

This particular model is designed to blend into nature, so if you are looking for a humble scooter to slide across the field or paved road, you might want to consider this piece. Featuring smooth gliding wheels for maximum bumps absorption and an extended lightweight alloy deck, this model is designed to fit perfectly on your weekend ride to the park. Not only does it allow for a humble and fresh experience on the deck, but the adjustable T-bar handle stem can also be extended to 3 different levels to be compatible with all riders from kids to teenagers. Packing it into your car is no longer a problem because our gliding wheels by Hurtle is equipped with a foldable system so that you can bring it with you anytime!


  • Foldable and light weighted
  • Adjustable T-bar handlebar and stem

3. Lascoota Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up

Lascoota Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up

This is the foldable Lascoota scooter for kids up to adults. By keeping everyone’s safety in mind, our lightweight kick scooter allows you to glide with ease with its non-slip, weight absorbing, and extra-wide deck that ensures a secure footing and comfortable ride no matter the bumpy surface. It is constructed with Aluminium and steel, a comfortable rubber handle, sturdy brakes, and equipped with a front suspension designed to withstand everyday use and wear and tear. Our foldable scooter was designed with a push up the folding system, making it super easy and secure for you to fold and release quickly without the requirement of any tool. With this feature, the scooter is suitable for any car-ride with a small compact space. Designed to suit all height ranges, our scooter can be adjusted up to 4 options to fit perfectly all riders from kids to adults.


  • Effortless brake, non-slip and lightweight with high-quality material
  • Foldable and ready to go
  • 4 adjustable height option

2. BELEEV V5 Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up

BELEEV V5 Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up

It is the BELEEV V5 scooters for kids to adults. Keeping all the variations of heights in mind, our manufacturer specifically designed the kick scooter to have wide handles that can be adjusted up to 4 different heights for all kids to teenagers and adults. The scooter allows you to glide through the bumpy surface with ease using its extra-wide wheels and steadily extended deck that can support riders up to 220lbs. The rubber handles can provide you with additional comfort and a steady hold. T-bar lock offers a steady and safe ride with the brake system for stopping the scooter effortlessly. This super-light scooter is perfect for staying in the car and be taken to anywhere on the go with the design to be flexible, the scooter can be folded and released quickly with ease.


  • Adjustable T-bar handle height
  • Foldable, light-weighted and easy to carry around
  • Supports up to 220lbs

1. kids/Adult Scooter with 3 Seconds Easy-Folding System

kids/Adult Scooter with 3 Seconds Easy-Folding System

Finally, on the list of best scooters is the number one A3 kids/adults’ scooters with disc brake. This latest technology is to provide all riders a heavy-duty set of aluminum frame power wheels for teens that can support up to 220lbs. Weighted at just 8.8lbs itself, the scooter is foldable, easy-to-carry around if you need to fold it, and put in your compact car ride on the weekend. Equipped with two oversized wheels (200mm), foot rear brake and low-to-the-ground deck structures make the A3 push scooter effortless, and smooth glides are made possible no matter the bumps on the surface. Buy this item with confidence from the manufacturer. If the customers have questions managing it, their customer support is available 24/7.


  • High-quality material; supports up to 220lbs
  • Low to the ground deck; big wheels; provides smooth glides on the surface
  • Foldable at only 8.8lbs and provides a kickstand


Well, riding a scooter on a sunny day can be a joyful experience but only if you have the right and high-quality performing scooter at hand! So, if you need to bring one to your garage, make sure you know what feature you are going for and choose from our recommended list! Enjoy your purchase!

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